Thursday, 9 August 2012

Why hello there!

I've pretty much started this as a place to upload my (sometimes fail) attempts of Pinterest copycatting. I'm really not a handy person... but I do consider myself crafty.

I'm in the process of uploading all the pictures from my phone from Oct 2011 to today, and I have several pictures on there of the DIY crafy things that I've tried so far. I have had some projects that turned out wonderfully, and others that would have been better untested...  I sometimes change one or two little things in the instructions, so I have found myself longing for a place to upload pictures of my variation of the wonderful projects from blogs all over the world. So here it is!

A disclaimer: All my pictures will be from my iPhone. I don't (yet!) have a digital SLR that take such beautiful pictures, so the 'ol iPhone will have to do for now!

I am brand new to blogging. But if I take to this, I will probably also mix in some stories from work and life in general. I used to love keeping a journal, so this can't be too hard, right?

Thanks for visiting!


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