Friday, 10 August 2012

Sewing: Monogram Taggie

I got the idea to make the Monogram Taggie from this pin, which was orinally posted on Twelve Crafts til Christmas by Elizabeth. Great blog! When you read her first post from back in 2009 it sounds like where I am right now - i.e. having to google how to thread my sewing machine :)

So this is the one I made, again with the super cute star stitch that my sewing machine does. This was the 2nd thing I've made, and the stitches are not even at all. It is getting easier though.

For more info, click below!

The other side (which I didn't take a picture off - oops) is solid brown. And on the brown side I made the star stitch in white so it shows up. For those new to sewing like me, that just means I used a brown spool of thread and a white bobbin. This makes the brown stitches on the top, and white stitches on the bottom.

I also bought a package of 24 baby links to use on this and future taggies. Just loop a few through one of the ribbons near the top of the letter. Then it can hang down in a stroller/carseat. I also bought that little "Oball" with rattle to loop through the link as well.

I gave this to my hubby's coworker and his wife who just had their first little guy, Connor. I also made them a SUPER easy blanket, which I'll make another post for right now.

For step-by-step instructions, visit the blog I linked to at the top of this post - I didn't just want to copy and paste all of her steps :)



  1. What size and font letter did you use? I've been looking at her page for a long time and want to jump into doing this asap!

    1. Hi Allyssa!

      I used MS Word to make the letter - I am not good at eyeballing these things!

      So I did my capital "c", highlighted it, and changed it to "Arial Black", and changed the size to 500. I also highlighted it again, and right-clicked to pull up that little menu, and selected "font". Then I put a checkmark beside "outline" so that I didn't waste a ton of black ink when it printed off :)

      Good luck & thanks for commenting!

    2. Thanks so much! I was playing around with sizes and was looking at the 250ish size and thinking that might be too small. What are the dimensions of your taggie now (if you remember or still have it to measure)? :)

    3. I had already gifted the taggie by the time I decided to make a blog, so I'm not exactly sure.

      But I googled my ironing board, which is 13" across... which would mean the taggie (just by looking at the picture) is around 8" tall by probably around 5.5" or 6" wide, give or take. That's totally just an estimate. I'm going to make another one for a baby shower I'm hosting here in a few weeks, so I'll put that one up here with some more exact measurements too. (This time it'll be a "G" in girly colours!)

    4. I guess probably bigger than 8" - I'm just going off of the picture, it's maybe closer to 9" or maybe even 10" tall, if the blue ironing board it is resting on is 13".