Sunday, 12 August 2012

DIY: Craft - Giant Squishy Sensory Bag

And here I present you with a Giant Squishy Sensory Bag, courtesy of the Go Kid Yourself  blog.

Duct tape & plastic sheeting (painting dropcloth). Oh and water. And you're done!

This is an amazing idea - Pinterest simply wasn't enough, have to share it on here too.

Found this on Go Kid Yourself. Check out her other great ideas!
Pinterest amazes me.

First, I just saw this amazing idea on Pinterest, which orginated from Laura's blog called Come Together Kids. It's a for a bean-bag stuffed animal chair. What a great way to keep them all together (and not all over the floor!). Fabulous idea.

And THEN just below the amazing-bean-bag-chair-storage, I see the above picture! My niece and nephews will absolutely love this. Next time I see them, this is happening!

Visit Go Kid Yourself to see her instructions! Seems easy enough! If I do this in a few weeks for the kiddos I will take some pictures for sure :)


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