Friday, 10 August 2012

DIY Crafts: Wedding Decor - Rustic & Vintage

One of my best friends since 1997 got married last month, and I made the trip across the country to celebrate.

She is absolutely stunning, and she did SUCH a great job decorating the hall.

Here's a picture of the rustic/vintage mason jar centerpieces Catherine put together, and the entryway to the reception hall. She had so many nice touches to work in the beautiful green colour.

Rustic / Vintage Centerpieces at Catherine's July 2012 Wedding

For more pics, click below!

Just a few minutes before the Bride & Groom make their grand entrance! The view of the reception entryway from my table.

The Happy Couple!
If people are interested, I'll add some more pictures as they collect on Facebook - there are sure to be some beautiful ones, that are not taken with an iPhone :)

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